Winners Of The Greatest Photoshop Battles Ever


Photoshop is one of the best things that we have on the planet and is used for the most useful things like editing out stuff that is supposed to be perfect. Photoshop has been used for stupid purposes by normal people like us as well which includes editing photos just because we want them to look good. And then comes Reddit where we have a whole subreddit for Photoshop battles i.e. people fighting for the best edit of a photo and what makes them laugh for the weirdness photoshop created.

Below are some of the winners of the greatest photoshop battles on Reddit ever:

The Hawk.


The cooler cowboy Hawk looks better.

Mount Fuji, Japan – Pink Valley.

Female Godzilla cooks food for her kid and has he own volcano.

Leopard in The Water.

The man who photoshopped this image even edited the eyes and but a reflection, perfect 100.

I’d love to be in this race.

The intensity of this photoshop and the timing of this photo make it a clear winner.

What did you expect?


After the crazy girl, it was the turn of the good boy to do this.

An Angry Baby.


Just look at the top three words, that’s so smart.

Pringles Ringle.

Welcome to the secret gates of Pringles, you shall receive unlimited Pringles in this sacred land.

Captain Canada.

Dear, Marvel, please make this into a movie. Why did you have to grow old Steve?

Golden Retriever after he played in a mowed lawn.

Now I know how grinch came into existence. Grinch, the player in the Lawns.

A porcupine walking on two legs.


Made it into a cute grandma, I can’t stop laughing!

A happy Hedgehog.

That smile can fit anywhere. Glad the man who did this photoshop didn’t edit him into the Sonic movie version.

The best goddamn day at work!

Well, that’s definitely what he must be thinking like from the inside at least.

This big dog is so adorable.


Sunglasses on the dog as well would have made it even better.

Trump Burger cum Sandwich.



I think the person forgot to photoshop it lol!


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