10 Awkwardly Hilarious Confessions From People Who Had The Worst Dates


10 Confessions of People with Worst Dates

Finding someone who looks pretty but turns out weird feels like to get a set back from the luck. How terrible it’d feel to be kissed by someone who smells terrible? There are millions of people out there who find dates online and it turns out to be the weirdest and worst dates ever. Although there are still some worst dates which go pretty well and it lasts for a long time but how would it be to be with someone who just keep staring at you creepily and doesn’t react?

Well, we have got few of the amazing yet terrible and weird confessions/stories of people Who had worst dates of all time.

Enjoy! 😀

10 Confessions from People Who Had Worst Dates Stories That Are Weird as Hell:

1. He didn’t share his Guac!

Worst Dates Stories
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“I once went out with a guy who had seven gin and tonics in the span of an hour and a half. (The bartender tipped me off to the exact number while the dude was in the bathroom.) I somehow still ended up going to another bar with him, where he proceeded to order guacamole and REFUSE to share it with me, while claiming he was going to ‘Throw all the hipsters over the wall and into the street.’ The worst part was that he wouldn’t share his guac, IMHO.”- Kelsey, 28

2. That Blind Date!

Worst Dates Stories
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“I once went on a blind date with a man who followed me to the gig I had afterwards, left to pee, came back an hour later very drunk, and revealed in the parking lot he had multiple felony assault charges! Google is your friend, ladies.– Emma, 24

3. Church Date!

Worst Dates Stories
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“I went on a date with a guy whose idea of romance was taking me to his family’s church, where they were trying to break the record for a hymn-singing marathon. To clarify, the standing record was four hours. I thought we were going to a drive-in. ‘Oh, this’ll be so romantic and retro,’ I said. ‘This can’t possibly be an attempt at saving my soul,’ I said.” – Sue, 24


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