True Love Shown By Popping Out A Never Ending Cyst – Would You Do It?


True Love shown in a unique way… by popping out a never ending cyst

Trypophobia?  Well, if you are not trypophobic, enjoy this article below. I don’t know how and why these kinds of topics are getting immense vogue! Nonetheless, we all have curious minds and here is one more dose for your curiosity…

Teenage is a wonderful time… But not when you got a lot of pimples on your face! It’s hell irritating and sometimes painful too… We die hard to get rid of those. Home remedies, beauty products, doctor appointments, diet control and what not! Teenage can be pretty frustrating when such acne problems appear! And most of the time they won’t budge to any of the anti-acne products you use!

This time when a similar thing happened to a guy… It wasn’t a lot of pimples but it was one big blister. It won’t seem wrong if you call it a cyst.

People usually tend to get attracted to beauty. But here the girlfriend of this guy proved her love for him is real! She popped out a never ending cyst off his face!

Here’s how…


The removal of the cyst is not advised to be done at home. However, it appears that this girl took great courage and chance and did it anyway…



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