You Absolutely Shouldn’t Do These Things While You’re In Dubai!


Dubai is definitely one of the most famous and beautiful holiday destinations in the world. Being one of the seven Emirates of the UAE, Dubai has definitely earned its fame globally. Richest people, Prince, luxury cars, etc It has got it all. But, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind while visiting this Emirate.

Don’t do these things while you’re in Dubai or you might end up in jail!

1. Crossdressing.

Cross-dressing is a serious offense here. Being a really conservative country it has zero tolerance for homosexuality. It finds the cross-dressing equivalent to being gay and hence is totally against it.

2. Unmarried couples can’t stay together. 


You read that right, couples who want to stay together need to provide proof of their marriage if they want to be in the same room. They don’t allow unmarried couples in the same room as they consider being together without marriage a sin.

3. You can’t be seen drunk in public.


This isn’t your average town where you can be drunk as much as you feel like and not be fined for it. People here consider alcohol as a forbidden item and hence you can’t be drunk in public.

4. Possessing drugs can land you up in jail for a lifetime.


Yep, Police here are very strict when it comes to drugs and if caught possessing them it’ll land you up in jail for a really long time, or in some cases a lifetime.

5. Don’t ask for pork. 


I mean come one you’d have this much sense not to ask for pork in an Islamic country.

6. No public display of affection is permitted.


You’re out with your spouse and are feeling romantic? Keep that to yourself and don’t display your affection in the public.

7. Don’t curse or use obscene language in public.


Hurling abuses at someone is considered really rude and most definitely an offense. Hence, keep your calm even if you’re really mad at the other person.

8. Listening to loud music or dancing is prohibited.


You can’t dance out in the open as it is considered indecent and rude. Only certified private clubs can accommodate dancers. Even loud music is a punishable offense.

9. Eating in public during Ramadan is a crime.


During the month of Ramadan, nobody is allowed to eat at a public place during fasting hours. If seen doing so you may end up in jail.

10. Here, Thumbs up is equivalent to raising your middle finger.


The expression translates to sit on my thumb, not very polite is it!

11. Showing okay sign.

Showing okay sign is considered as equivalent to showing someone the evil eye and is hence forbidden.

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