12 Shows You Must Binge Watch Right Away If You’re Done With Stranger Things


Stranger Things is an amazing show and nothing like that was ever made. The show has been entertaining since 2016 and recently, it’s 3rd season was aired on Netflix with much fanfare. The show has received amazing ratings so far and is also renewed for season 4. Most people like me watched the show in just a day or so and are now craving for more. Don’t worry, there are plenty of shows that you’ll want to watch after you’re done with Stranger Things. You’ll like them all the same and have new content to watch while the creators produce season 4 for us.

Below are some shows you must binge watch after you’re done with Stranger Things:

The OA.


OA stands for ‘Original Angel’. The show revolves around a character who was missing for 7 years to suddenly pops up calls herself that. The show is running now and is a great watch.


The teenage drama that started with criminal stuff is now too developed. The show now has supernatural beings and stuff which the teens help uncover. This show has everything a high school needs and is getting more interesting with every episode.

Wayward Pines.

Ethan is sent to do the investigation of two missing officers but he later ends up in a no connectivity town to later encounter monsters. The show has ended after 2 seasons but that should keep you going for now.

The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina.


Another character from the Archies comics who has a screen adaptation on Netflix. The series has witches and satan and some pretty amazing supernatural stuff worth watching. Also, you get to see cool magic tricks.

Black Mirror.


Black mirror is one of the greatest shows related to tech we have seen. This show has a separate fan following and recently it also had an interactive movie on Netflix.


A mysterious, suspenseful show that too without any supernatural stuff is something worth watching if you like people running from the dark.

The Society.

The show is kind of a combination of Riverdale with Stranger things. High school students go on a school trip which was canceled to later come home and realize their parents aren’t home and the town is empty.

The 100.

This show happens 97 years after apocalypse which killed almost all life on the earth. The show is running for solid 5 seasons and holds great surprises.

Roswell, New Mexico.

A girl has a crush on a guy who isn’t what he seems. Daily life, right? But, in this drama, the guy isn’t even a human, he’s an alien living secretly on earth.

Twin Peaks.

The show started in 1990 and was canceled after two seasons. In 2017, it returned back from the dead to investigate the murder of a homecoming queen.



This show has 8 people who are psychologically connected to each other and are from different parts of the world. They can communicate with each other in their minds and are being chased by people who think of them as a threat.



The show is basically two brothers fighting the supernatural creatures to save the planet and the show is 14 seasons old with a 15th on the way.


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