20 Most Hilarious Drunk Texts Fails Ever That Will Make You ROFL


20 Hilarious Drunk Texts Fails Ever

A wise man once said –“When you are drunk you can see and speak better” – Well,  I don’t know about seeing, but drunk speaking could land you in hell of a trouble. Like spitting out how you slept with your friend’s girlfriend/boyfriend, or maybe cursing your boss. Being collectively drunk is fine. If you are drunk texting someone else that is also drunk then everything seems to make sense. But, Hearing to drunk tales is always fun. Mix alcohol and texts and there borns a comedy legend. For the record, A man’s true character comes out when he’s drunk. People, while high live all their fantasies, even the wild ones. These could be embarrassing when later told on by your fellow people, but surely are hilarious.

Here are few of hilarious drunk texts.
Do let us know your funniest drunk instance.


1 – The Sad One.

Drunk Texts Fails


2 – The fooling Around..!! Poor Guy..!

Drunk Texts Fails


3 – Living The Fantasies.

Drunk Texts Fails


4 – The Awkward Instance.

Drunk Texts Fails


5 – Wish The Drunk Part Wasn’t True.

Drunk Texts Fails


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