8 Of The Most Insane & Brutal Torture Devices Created In The History Of Humanity


Ancient Torture Devices

Torture is the deliberate action of causing pain to punish or to interrogate a victim. Over the years, torture has been a brutal fate of the unfortunate ones.

I’m not sure if I should call them psychopaths or sadists, but some people have come up with deadly inventions to torture which will definitely give you Goosebumps.

Here are the most Insane and Torture Devices created by man to abuse:

1. Iron maiden device

Insane and Torture Devices

 Also known as “iron cabinet”, this is one of the ancient torture devices.It is a conical shaped device which has a number of steel spikes on the interior. The victim would be forced to go inside and the door would be closed. The victim would eventually die due to the spikes piercing through the victim’s body inside out.

2. Tongue tearer

 Insane and Torture Devices

This device was designed to tear apart the victim’s tongue. The victims would be first forced to open their mouth with a similar device known as mouth opener. The victim’s tongue would then be grabbed with this device with a form grip and then would eventually be torn apart roughly.


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