How Our 90’s Childhood Crushes Have Transformed Over the Years


The ’90s was the time when there were some great music bands, movies like Titanic, and my all-time favourite TV shows Friends. Every 90’s kid, well, including me, were obsessed with their favourite stars. Most of them even used to hang photos of their star crushes on the wall of their room. These are the memories that can never fade away from your mind. So, do, you want to see how your childhood crush looks like in 2019? Let’s find out-

1. Jennifer Aniston


Jennifer Aniston A.K.A Rachel, who used to take our breath away in one of the most famous TV Show of all time, Friends. She is known as one of the most beautiful women and still hasn’t changed much over the years.

2. Charlize Theron


With her strong acting skills, Charlie Theron stole everyone’s heart and made them her fan with the English movie monster. Because of her impressive performance in Monster, she won the Academy Award of that year. Besides, you can never deny the fact she was way too beautiful to be a monster.

3. Shania Twain


Since, way back in the ’90s, Shania Twain was a bomb, and she is still gorgeous like before. Though! She is 52, but still, she can give stiff competition to a 23-year-old.

4. Cameron Diaz


I remember as a kid I used to watch “The Mask” animated series but then came to its movie. At that time, I saw her for the first time in any movie and became a fan of her gorgeous and flawless looks. Look at her now in 2019; she still looks stunning.

5. Drew Berrymore


Do you remember Lucy from the “50 first dates” movie? Well, who can forget her beautiful and amazing looks in that movie? Look at now, as time passes, she is becoming way younger.

6. Monica Belluci


Monica Belluci, a model and an actress, was the one who redefined hotness and perfection in the era of ’90s. For the kids of ’90s, she was like an angel that was walking on a ramp. Now, will you believe me, when I say that her age is 53 now? Well, you should because it’s damn right!

7. Britney Spears


Born in 81 and started her career from Pop musicBoo in 97, she still can kill her fans with her voice and killer looks. Even now, she is a show stealer.

8. Christina Aguilera


In her 90’s she used to rock in her jeans and T-shirt. Besides, she used to look perfect in almost every dress. It’s 2019, and she still steps out like a queen and creates a new trend for her fans.

9. Julianne Moore


Boogie night fame actress Julianne Moore hasn’t changed much over the years.

10. Kate Winslet


Kate Winslet is ruling the heart of a 90’s kid since the release of her Blockbuster Movie Titanic.



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