8 Underrated TV Shows From 90’s Which Were Way Ahead Of Their Time


4. “Very Bad Things”

“Very Bad Things” starts out a lot like “The Hangover.”

Most Underrated TV Shows from 90s


5. “So I Married An Axe Murderer”

Between “Wayne’s World” and the “Austin Powers” movies, Mike Myers starred in this 1993 comedy, proving that he didn’t need ridiculous costumes and over-the-top accents to get laughs.

Most Underrated TV Shows from 90s


6. “The Wedding Singer”

While it’s less popular than many of Sandler’s previous films, “The Wedding Singer” is some of his best work, sprinkling in some of his “Happy Gilmore”-esque comically violent tendencies with a bit of heartwarming romance.

Most Underrated TV Shows from 90s


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