Making Accounts In All Social Media Platforms Is Nothing But Living A Life With Identity Disorder


We live in a world where people are more talkative in social media than in real life. Most of us are active on all social media platforms and spend our precious time behind the screens. If you are running a business then it’s completely okay to create a business page on all big social media platforms. But, there are people who have accounts in Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Google+ etc. And if you combine these together, it’s nothing but living a life with identity disorder in a very odd and a virtual way.

You are faking your true identity and trying to hide the real version of yours from the real world.

This is how you are developing identity disorder due to social media. Check it out!

1. Facebook: No one is interested in your boring life so you gotta fake one

So you think your life is boring and your friends have got a very adventurous life? We all are same and Facebook is all about faking the world you don’t live in. No one is really interested in your boring life. You struggle to get a good pic than enjoying the moment. You may smile in a pic that will look like you had a lot of fun, but who knows that your day out with friends was actually boring. Well, it doesn’t go in all cases but it’s true that you don’t wanna show your boring life to your followers.

Social media and identity disorder

2. Snpachat: Where being ugly is not really a Snapchat thing

If you have been blessed with a photogenic face then it’s surely your thing. But, an average look isn’t a big help in Snpachat. So what do you do? You use filters, right? Snpachat always knew why users need filters, they kind of just needed to engage people with something. Don’t be surprised when someone gives you compliment like, you look different in real life. This is again pretending to be something that you aren’t. We are not really shaming the people for using Snapchat filters but it’s a fact that the more filters you are applying on your face, the more you are hiding from real you.

Social media and identity disorder

3. Twitter: Where a man is the wisest of all

Twitter is all about being sarcastic and coming up with funny one-liners. There are people who absolutely rule Twitter with their wits and knowledge they have. You may be a knowledgeable and witty person in real life but there are other people who are quite opposite to what they look online. And you should know that internet humor never works in real life. Your joke is sure a bomb in Twitter, but don’t feel bad if it doesn’t work out in real life. In this word full of technologies it has become really difficult to find who we really are.

Social media and identity disorder


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