12 Amazing Microsoft Trivia That’ll Get You Going!


10. Impossible what?

The Windows operating system has 50 million lines of code (a line averages 60 characters) and grows 20% with every release. It’s put together by 7,200 people, comes in 34 languages and has to support 190,000 devices– different models of digital cameras, printers, hand-helds and so on.

Microsoft Trivia


    11. Didn’t Make It.

A few Windows versions which didn’t make the cut are:

1996 May 3 – Windows Nashville (Windows 96)
1997-1998 – Windows Cairo. (Planned after Windows NT)
1999 December – Windows Neptune. (Should have been the successor to Windows 2000 or Windows ME)

R.I.P un-released versions.

Microsoft Trivia


12. I’m Hired, You’re Weird!

MS has a reputation of asking the most weird questions in a job interview. Considering how geeks and weird was synonymous till some time back, this doesn’t come as an absolute surprise. During a job interview, Microsoft can suddenly ask you “Why is a manhole cover round?”.  Such questions challenge the creative thinking of people on the other side of the table.

Also, watch out for trick questions like

Microsoft Trivia


Hope you enjoyed some of the coolest and lesser known trivia about Microsoft.


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