10 Apocalypse Scenarios That are Long Overdue….


Remember when the Mayan Calendar predicted the World end by 2012 and had us all dread thinking about it? Well, I guess some people now are wishing for it… It’s like, Mayan calendar promised a doomsday in 2003 and again in 2012 but failed both the times! We want positive results!  Anyway… there are certain Apocalypse scenarios that are sure to happen and cause a kind of catastrophe you could have never imagined! And let me mind you, they are all long overdue! Maybe, the Universe is having mercy on us? Maybe not… Planning a bigger and more dreadful thing perhaps!

The Apocalypse scenarios are not just Natural, they can even be planned and designed by man over a period of centuries together. The result of Human habitation on the Earth has reached its limits. It is about to die anytime now and we all are going to be extinct! Praying for an afterlife now, are you?

Here’re below few apocalypse scenarios that can create a major havoc, if not put an end to human life!

1.Those Seismic waves can break down Dynasties!

Earthquakes can pretty much shake up your soul. And when I say overdue, the example of San Fransisco will suffice. San Fransisco gets a massive Earthquake every 140 years and it’s been 148 years since the last one!

Apocalypse Scenarios

2.Landslides… Yes… Land, slides!

If you look at the history there are at least two or three major landslides happening a year. The last one that was reported was in November 2015 though, in China. So, we made almost a year with no landslides? I guess there is a huge one coming up!

Apocalypse Scenarios

3.That hot Lava can engulf the whole of the Earth!

The lava eruptions or the Volcanoes, especially in the Roman cities are long due and the people are not bothered to run away to a safer place! I guess there is no safer place now, is there?

Apocalypse scenarios

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