This Hotel in Australia , Jamala Resort Makes You Dine With Lions And Bath With Bears.


Those who love to roam around and keep looking for new premises to explore , we have a new place for thrill seekers. The place is Australia and where you need to go is Jamala Resort. Here only think that sets you apart from the wild animals is a reinforced glass that is transparent enough for you to look into the eyes of the beast.

lions in australia


Overlooking the Molongo River in Australia there is a privately owned wildlife National zoo and Aquarium. This location has Jamala Wildlife Lodge housed just in between this natural vicinity. What’s so special about tis lodge is, the guests residing at Jamala Resort can share their surroundings with wild animals inhabiting there.

Dining den in Jamala resort in Australia


The guest houses of Jamala Resort are surrounded with giraffes, lions, bears, tigers, sharks and every animal from the zoo one could imagine in around 2.8 hecters of land.

 australia has this resort with moneys living in balcony



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