This Is How The Perfect Body In The Future Will Look Like!


The idea of the perfect body has been changing over the ages. The ideal body that had the recognition of being the most desired body structure now changed completely. But, the present idea of the perfect body isn’t the last, it will change in the future as well.

This is how the idea of the perfect body has been changing over the years and how will it look in the future.

1. Plump women are more attractive to hungry men.

perfect body

Yes, though it may sound weird it gets every bit true. According to studies, plump women are a sign of wealth and prosperity. In ancient times, a big belly, and bigger breasts and wide hips are associated with sensuality.

2. Beauty standards during medieval times.

perfect body

In medieval times, the beauty standards were pale faces and thin bodies were considered ideal beauty. But, these beauty standards were set because according to the Christian church officials this reminded them of abstinence and fasting.

perfect body

3. Hourglass shaped body.

The beginning of the 16th century marked the use of corsets as a part of their daily attire. This was done to achieve the perfect hourglass shape which according to the society embarked the peak of sensuality and fertility.

perfect body

4. Androgynous body shaped.

The 20s marked the beginning of the revolution of changing the stereotypical beauty forms. The women started cutting their hair shorter and wearing dresses meant only for men. Androgynous beauty though was opposed by majority had soon become the standard beauty for that era.

5. Modern beauty.

Due to modernizations slim and strictly toned body have become more popular. The reason being that the television and modeling industry prefer models who are really slim and have a low body mass index.

Why the Idea of a Perfect Body Keeps Changing and What It Will Be Like in the Future

But, now men have started to change their ideal of beauty, not only men but women themselves have started to accept various forms of beauty. It isn’t just slim body now. Women with curves, androgynous forms, have started to gain more popularity.

Futuristic models of women with perfect bodies.

Researches have been studying these changing beauty standards from over 50 years and have concluded that men have become really picky when it comes to defining beauty. Hence, future women who’ll have the ideal body will have a mixture of curvy and androgynous forms. The hourglass form may seem to be non-existent for now but may gain popularity again in the future.


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