10 Awkward Indian Obligations That You Cannot Deny!


10 Awkward Indian Obligations that you cannot deny!

There are certain customs in Indian society that have become obligations. We follow them blindly… Like it’s in our blood! They are so awkward that we can feel the awkwardness and embarrassment while doing these customs… And if you are a third person, you will definitely laugh out loud!

Let’s see what are those 10 Indian Obligations or customs which I, you and all of us cannot say any to…

1.The Blessing cash!

Usually, whenever relatives visit our home, they tend to give us(“us” being the younger ones) some amount of cash from their pocket as a blessing. It is such an awesome tradition! Although we want that money so desperately, what we tend to do is… we refuse to take it.

Mind: I hope there is a good amount. Force me to take it!!

Actual words: “No no no, how can I take it aunty… there is no need of this!”

Awkward Indian Obligations
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2.The “Not Hungry” Acting

That odor from the kitchen… stomach grumbling… mouth watering… no, not at our own place. This is at a relative’s place. When we give a visit to their home and they are cooking our favorite dish, or any dish(usually tend to grow more hungry in another’s home) and they ask us if we would like anything to eat…

Mind: Yes… Yes… Of course yes

Actual words: No ways aunty! I had my stomach full at home… Just now…

Mind: Force me to at least taste it!

Awkward Indian Obligations
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3. The Dance Craze

The dance runs in our veins! The dance craze is so much that we can even say Indians who do not dance are not Indians… But when it comes to someone’s wedding party or something like that? We want to get a little attention. And what we do? We don’t go and dance… we wait for someone to come and pull us on the floor! No, the drama doesn’t end here, when somebody actually comes to pull us on the stage, our actual drama begins!

Mind: Pull me hard, convince me to dance… Oh! Come on! You can do better than this…

Actual words: No no… please… I don’t know to dance…I really can’t dance!

Awkward Indian Obligations
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4. No Gifts Drama

Recently, it has become a trend to put these words on the Wedding Card, “We do not accept Gifts. Only Blessings”. And those are just words… strictly not to be followed! If any guy by mistake believes it and comes without anything, he is screwed!

Mind: That A*shole! We gave 5000 at his daughter’s wedding and look… he has come empty handed here!

Actual words: Thank god. At least one person saw our request and came without gifts. We are so glad.

Awkward Indian Customs
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