10 Awkward Indian Obligations That You Cannot Deny!


8. Puffery Nature for the Show Offs

We tend to develop this nature as we grow… A far far relative house visit. A normal conversation sitting in the living room will do. But no! They want to show us the whole house. Their Smart TV of 2 lakhs and their interior of the home which obviously cost them some millions! Not to forget their toiletries!

Mind: Stop it! I don’t want to see… I don’t want to know the cost of everything!

Actual words: Impressive! You have decorated the house so graciously…

Indian Customs
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9. Going to the religious places

I don’t want to. I am an atheist! Doesn’t matter… If it’s a family thing you gotta do it! Going to at least one religious place on a trip is mandatory!

Mind: 😐

Actual words: 😐

Indian Customs
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10. Expectation of return gifts

Invited for a party? They definitely might be giving something in return!

Mind: Oh! That person is very rich… must have arranged some great return gifts!

Actual words: Your party was great even with no return gifts! We usually do not like people giving return gifts, What’s the point? Right?

Indian Customs
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These are some awkward Indian Obligations or customs that one cannot deny !


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