Best Instagram Usernames That Are Totally Cool and Unique


Instagram is a place full of innovations and uniqueness. There are totally amazing accounts that post different stuff from their own photos to a great destination and a really amazing timed shot. People tend to have usernames on social media service as their unique identities. A person’s username can be anything he likes it to be granted someone else doesn’t have that already. Most people chose to have normal usernames that are somewhat close to their names and that too because they didn’t get their names. But, some people have shown creativity in this column and taken the most amazing, cool and unique usernames that they kind of make us wonder.

Below are some of the best Instagram usernames:


South Side Serpents are actually a group of people in teenage romance show Riverdale.


Some really romantic names we can see here.


I think this might just be Ariana’s real account that looks like a fake one. Even she deserves some privacy to do stupid things, guys!


Looks like someone with no job has 3 million followers on Instagram and is making money just out of it.


You could take this two ways. One would be like any normal person would as your Zodiac sign. But, since there’s a twin, in the end, let me take you back to a show called ‘The Vampire Diaries’ and ‘Legacies’. Gemini is actually a witch coven in these shows storylines whose twins merge into one after fighting each other at the age of 22. So, there’s the breakdown of the username.


You’d definitely not want that after things went rough, don’t you? This is apparently a meme account so rest in peace.


One of the most hit songs, Call Me Maybe has an account, hmmm.



And then there are accounts totally dedicated to usernames related to love.


Don’t just think this is the end of usernames related to songs, there are all types of usernames related to songs that you’ll just wonder how unique could people get.



Hmmm… a matching profile picture as well. I better stay away from this account.



Wait… What?



Really sad username, someone please forgive this person.


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