37 Best And Worst Selfies Taken At Funerals! Who Clicks At Funerals?


These days, we are so deep into Facebook. Everybody has a profile and is using it to update their friends about every single event in their life. We all have that one friend whose profile is a constant train wreck of too much information, but a new thing has hit the internet, Funeral Selfies. Is taking selfies at funeral is a bad form? I may not be the right person to answer this question but this new trend has hit Instagram & Tumblr by storm as more and more people are taking funeral selfies. They don’t mind if its a family occasion or a funeral. Funerals are often long and emotionally draining, especially for family members. However, selfie lovers have found a new way out to kill time.

Disclaimer : All the pictures are taken from internet, if you think it shouldn’t be uploaded here or hurts one’s image, feel free to tell us and we’ll remove the picture immediately.

Here are 37 best and worst selfies at funerals. Would you try to take one?

1. Loving grandson

funeral selfies


2. RIP grandma

funeral selfiesvia

3. This looks scary

funeral selfiesvia

4. No Selfie Respect

funeral selfiesvia


5. Yup ! Very depressing

funeral selfiesvia

6. This kid has no chill

funeral selfiesvia

7. Selfies

funeral selfiesvia 


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