Ever Thought Why Do People Say “Bless You!” After You Sneeze? Here’s Why.


*Sneezes* “Bless you!”, This is the most common reaction of people when you sneeze. In fact not only others, you too give this blessing to others. It has become so common that we consider this to be a “response to stimuli” action. But have you ever wondered why do people say bless you when you sneeze? If this question has crossed your mind, then have a look!

people say bless you when you sneeze


Why do we sneeze?

people say bless you when you sneezevia

Before we proceed, let me ask you something. What do you do when somebody irritates you way beyond your tolerance? You throw them out of your life.

people say bless you when you sneezevia

Yeah so basically your body more specifically your nose has bare minimum tolerance for whatever it is that irritates it. And hence it throws it out; this action is referred to as sneezing. The reason can vary from a small allergen to cold-causing virus.


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