12 Breaking Bad Dialouges You Can Use In Everyday Life


I first became hooked on Breaking Bad a couple of winters ago cooped up in my hostel during a blizzard when there was nothing else to do but watch YouTube and eat an entire box of cookies. I didn’t think I’d like it prior to trying it out on YouTube, mostly because the marketing of the show made it look like it was just some drama about an old dude who looks like a step-dad making meth.

Check these amazing breaking bad dialogues!

1. “Yo, where’s the other half, b*tch?” – Jesse

Use it when the first half of the Season ends.



2. “The coin flip is sacred!”

Should be used when a coin flip loser tries to deny the result of a coin flip.

breaking bad


3. “As per the coin!” 

When telling the coin flip user to do what was promised if they lost the flip.  For instance, if the coin flip loser needs to kill a nasty drug dealer that he is keeping in your basement, you yell at him to “take care of the job in the basement, as per the coin!”



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