12 Fascinating Things You Might Not Know About That 70s Show


Undoubtedly, ” That ’70s Show ” is one of the best and most popular Sitcoms of all time. With its original storyline,  fresh cast, and the splendid writing, the show won over many fans.

Here are our 12 ‘Did you Know facts’ about ‘That ’70s Show’

1) Later Season Titles from ’70s Bands

The later seasons of the show stayed true to its name and culture of ’70’s by naming their episodes after songs by popular rock bands of the times. The fifth season titles are all from Led Zeppelin songs, the sixth season titles are all from The Who songs, the seventh season are all The Rolling Stones songs, and the eighth season’s titles are all Queen songs.

Pic: Famous artists. 

That 70s show


2) Not so old Mila

During her audition when Mila Kunis was asked about her age, she misled the producers. Well, technically she wasn’t lying. She was 14 when she came for the audition and when asked about her age, she told the producers that she will be 18 on her birthday. She just forgot to mention which year.

Pic: Mila Kunis

That 70s show


3) The Teenage Wasteland

The show went through a series of title changes. Initially, it was called “Teenage Wasteland” (which is not that bad) and then “The Kids are alright” and then “Reeling in the Years” but nothing stuck. Finally, the producers stumbled on “Feelin Alright”, but even that name didn’t catch on. Then one day, the producers heard someone in the stage saying “I like those ’70s shows” and ironically this name was selected.

Pic: That 70s show poster

That 70s show


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