These Children Hate Their Parents And Their Reasons Are Just Hilarious! 


Children are naive little things who don’t know anything about, well anything. Look what happens when they hate their parents for not letting them do what they want.

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1. Parents Can’t Let Their Offsprings Do As They Please. Especially When They’re Two-Yeas-Old. Why? Because Two-Year-Olds Are Quite Dumb. 

Children Hate parents


This young lady wants to cross an intersection without holding her mommy’s hand. She’s striving to be strong and independent quite early isn’t she?

2. When Your Parents Won’t Let You Crack Open A Cold One With The Boys. 

Children Hate parentsvia 

If you look at the kid’s T-Shirt, you’ll notice that the drawing on it is waiting arms-out ready to receive that beer with a huge smile on its face.

3. Now That’s A Bad Thing To Do. You’re On A Safari Only Once In A While Young Lady. 

Children Hate parentsvia 

Aren’t you interested in all the wild animals?

4. Hahahahaa. Now That’s A Ridiculous Reason To Hate Your Parents. 

Children Hate parentsvia 

Kids are so innocent. And dumb.

5. “Gold Up In My-Gold In My Teeth, Don’t Care What You Say To Me, Imma Bite Your Feelings Out.”

Children Hate parentsvia 

Someone’s been listening to Kiara lately.

6. Imagine Her Shock When She Starts Going To Kindergarten. 

Children Hate parentsvia

She hates her real name.

7. Yeah I’m Definitely Doing This Thing To My Kid If I Ever Have One. 

Children Hate parentsvia 

Don’t you worry child it’s right there. Just show her a mirror please.

8. He’s Not Diagnosed With OCD Is He? 

Children Hate parentsvia

These children are cementing my resolve of never settling down and having kids.

9. Hijikata Toushiro Would Be Proud Of Her. 

Children Hate parentsvia 

Mayonnaise goes well with everything!

10. Oh Look. She’s Lying Flat On The Floor. 

Children Hate parentsvia 

If I ever did that, my parents would have just left me there. 🙁

11. Wait I Don’t Get It. 

Children Hate parentsvia

Can any Swedish person explain this one?

12. I’d Definitely Let Him Do That On One Condition : Go Up To Everyone, Point The Knife At Them And Say ‘Issa Knife’. 

Children Hate parentsvia 

That would be hilarious. No offense to 21 Savage.

13. They’re Not Chocolates. They Might Look Exotic But They’re Still Poop. 

Children Hate parentsvia

Children get worked up over the most ridiculous things.

14. Sweetie. That’s Not How It Works. You’re The One Who’s Supposed To Give Gifts, Not Recieve Them. 

Children Hate parentsvia

Looking at her face, you can see that she’s been going at it hard.

15. What Is Wrong With You? 

Children Hate parentsvia

Why all the hate over goat poop and toilet brushes?

16. Kids Got Taste. Gotta Giver Her That. 

Children Hate parentsvia

Hearts are so corny.

17. Children Throwing Tantrums And Their Parents Recording The Moment. 

Children Hate parentsvia 

These children are gonna look back and hate themselves.

18. Let’s Hope He Doesn’t Sneak A Bite. 

Children Hate parentsvia

Although that would have been hilarious.

19. Holy Mother Of God! Look At The Dog! 

Children Hate parentsvia

The look of terror, it’s is so hilarious!

20. Who Do You Think I Am? Aquaman? 

Children Hate parentsvia

Even Aquaman wouldn’t have been able to do that.


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