10 Relatable Things Only Coffee Lovers Know To Be True!


Coffee isn’t just a beverage for coffee lovers, it is a blessing. It is the one thing that can hold you in place and help you survive through toughest of days. If you are one coffee fanatic, you know exactly how intoxicating and satisfying the smell itself can be.

Completely understanding your love for the perfect cuppa, we bring to you a list of things that no one else but a true coffee lover can relate to. So while you are sipping on your coffee, take a look at this:

1. There cannot be a perfect start to a day without coffee.

You need your coffee first thing in the morning. It is the only thing you look forward to as you wake up from your sleep. You know the cranky, miserable bitch inside you will shut up only after the first cup of coffee. Let’s just say, it prepares you for the tough day ahead.

Things Only Coffee Lovers Would Understand
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2. You know your coffee very well.

You have a perfect idea of how your coffee should be. Any coffee just doesn’t go well with you. Non-coffee lovers will never understand this obsession and that’s perfectly understood. You consider making a good cup of coffee nothing short of an art.

Things Only Coffee Lovers Would Understand
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3. For Coffee lovers, Coffee shops are your favourite places to hangout.

You have been to every other coffee joint in your town and you also have your favorites. And then there is this one place you visit regularly and even have a good rapport with the staff there. On occasions, you have also taken people there with you.

Things Only Coffee Lovers Would Understand
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