8 Disgusting Things You Never Want To See In Your Food! #7 Will Make You Puke!


We already heard about worms found in Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk, but there are even more gross things that people found in their food. The people who process food in the restaurant or the people who deal with the making of and serving food generally take care that their customers are served properly and that they maintain proper hygiene but there is always a little carelessness, after all, we are all humans. So,  if you are eating food right now then stop it because you are going to puke after reading this.

Here are 10 Crazy Things Found In Food That’ll Make You Want To Puke:

1. Dead Mouse In Bread Loaf.

I would have fainted right then and there. In January of 2009, Stephen Forse of Kidlington, Oxfordshire, was ready to prepare sandwiches when he noticed something black stuck at the corner of the loaf, at first he thought it was just irregular dough, but on closer inspection he found it to be the furry object. He called food inspection authorities and it was claimed that it was a mouse with its tail missing.

Disgusting Objects You Never Want To See In food

2. Toenail In Pasta Sauce.

In September of 2012, 46-year-old Tracy Arnold found a toenail in the pasta sauce in her food. She went back to the supermarket for the refund but was disappointed as the authorities lacking attention for her issue.

Disgusting Objects You Never Want To See In food


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