Crazy Food Items Found Across The World That Are Insanely Costly


We all love to eat. Food is a necessity to all of us. But, what happens when it turns to luxury from necessity? Below are some crazy food items that are insanely costly. You won’t believe some of its prices even.

Check the list of the crazy food which are unexpectedly costly.

1. The Golden Phoenix cupcake – $1,010

Listed as the world’s costliest cupcake, the Golden Phoenix cupcake costs about $1,010. The cupcake has a 23-carat-edible-gold-sheet coating. It is presented at the new Bloomsbury’s location in Dubai mall.

crazy food

2. Nino’s Bellissima Pizza – $1000

Would you pay $1000 for a pizza? In 2007, Nino Selimaj, owner of Nino’s Bellissima Pizza, in New York came up with the idea of this costly pizza after a year of researching on its ingredients.  Each $250 slice contains a different kind of caviar.


3. Zillion dollar Lobster Frittata – $1000

Another dish in the $1000 budget. You can find this extravagant dish at at Norma’s restaurant in Manhattan’s Le Parker Meridien Hotel.  It has laid claim to the world’s most expensive omelette. But what exactly does make it different from average omelettes? The omelette not just an omelette. It is packed with lobster and caviar.



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