14 Crazy Things Moms Have Done Due To Sleep Deprivation!


10. While I was feeding my baby, the doorbell rang and I went to answer it to the postman standing out there without having the slightest idea that my right breast was dangling out of my vest. I was too lethargic that I didn’t bother to tuck it away.


11. One fine day when I walked into the office, one of my colleagues admired my attire sarcastically, saying “I liked those adorable buttons on the back of your shirt”. Then I swiftly realised that I wore my shirt with the buttons on my back.


12. While giving the presentation in an important meeting, I presented the wrong slides and when I sensed about it, I got so nervous and sluggish that I shouted in a baby voice saying “Oh no, mummy is so silly!”

crazy things moms have done out of sleep deprivation?


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