12 Creative Inventions Every Lazy Person Will Definitely Love


Every lazy person is always in search of new creative inventions. A lazy person will always find an easier and a creative way to do things.

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Here are 12 Creative inventions every lazy person will definitely love.

1. Why spend a few thousand bucks on a gym membership when you can get evenly shaped firm abs sitting right on your couch while watching your favourite TV show and hogging your favourite flavour of chips.

Creative Inventions Lazy person


2. Go dog Go fetch machine

Sometimes, playing with your dog may get boring. You might want to spend that time in taking a decent nap instead. The go dog go fetch machine is an automatic dog ball thrower. It allows the owner to throw the balls with different speeds controlled by a remote.

Creative Inventions Lazy personVia

3. Automatic battery powered scissors

Why trouble your fingers when you can get the job done by a machine? Also, if you are a left handed person like me, you would definitely wish to buy them. These scissors are battery powered, fast and easy to use.

Creative Inventions Lazy personVia

4. An Icecream cone holder which twirls because how boring it is to keep licking it to enjoy the flavour. With this creative hack, you just have to stick your tongue out. The ice cream cone holder does its job.

Creative Inventions Lazy personVia

5. And this pasta twirler too gets the job done for you.

Creative Inventions Lazy personVia


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