Cute Illustrations That Show The Beautiful Friendship Between Babies And Dogs.


Having a pet when your child has no siblings to bond with can actually prove to be very healthy and effective for the overall mental growth of your child. Not only does he learn values like love and compassion it marks the beginning of a beautiful friendship that will prove to be a major plus point for your child in the future.

Comic artist Nate Anderson illustrates the beautiful friendship between his son Rowan and his dog Murphy!

1. Who needs siblings to keep you company when you have a dog who’s gonna keep you company all day long?
beautiful friendship

2. Sometimes, dogs and kids have the same logic and maybe that is why they bond together so well!
beautiful friendship3. don’t worry little fella, your brother Murphy’s here and I assure you that you’re gonna get all the beard that you want!
beautiful friendship4. Everybody knows this universal law of healing a wound if somebody kisses on it, it apparently doesn’t hurt anymore!
beautiful friendship5. Who do you call for help when your parents force you to do something that you clearly have no intention of doing, you call for your dog-brother!
beautiful friendship6. Oh, jealousy’s beneath you brother! And he literally did bite him off!

7. Fries eating lesson 101, if you lick the ketchup and feed the fries to the dog, you’ve technically eaten a part of it.
8. That may look hurt for the little guy, but for the doggo, it is absolutely hilarious!
9. Help me to make chaos, right away!
10. Okay, he’s stupid for now, but you can always teach him what is right, right?
11. And that my friends are how a new toy gets totally damaged.
12. Aww! I’m just so happy little hooman!


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