18 Employees Spill Their Wild Break Room Confessions Totally Like WTF!


Have you ever wondered what going behind the doors of break rooms at the office? Yes, it is supposedly meant for the employees to take a break and rest but there are fishy things that sometimes happens there. Some people forget that they are in their office and do things that are unacceptable. These break room confessions will hit you hard and wonder how can employees forget where they are.

People in Whisper make some break room confessions that will surely make you say Wtf!

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1.Better that getting involved in the office politics and gossip. 

Break Room Confessions

2.We understand the struggle. It’s real!

Break Room Confessions

3.Don’t you people have a room or house?

Break Room Confessions

4.You should have thought about it before doing such thing!

Break Room Confessions


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