Even The Strongest Women Will Leave You If You Do These Things!


Let’s face it, women are more caring, patient and affectionate when it comes to being in a relationship. You may mess up a lot of times, but if she really loves you she bears it all and decides to give you another chance. But, everything has its limits, and if you tend to cross these limits even the strongest women who may be madly in love with you will leave!

Here are some of the reasons why even the strongest women who are madly in love with you leave.

1. You aren’t reliable.

To be able to rely on the person you love in the time of need is definitely something that every woman wants. But, if you constantly make her feel like you aren’t worth relying on, she’s definitely going to part her ways.

2. She never gets the same level of affection from you.

We do know that putting efforts to make a relationship work is a two-way street. But sometimes guys tend to be ignorant towards their partner and overlook her needs.

3. You constantly criticize her.

This is something that no woman appreciates, at least when it comes to being criticized by her partner. If you get her moral down by being too demanding, you’re doing it wrong buddy.

4. Other women catch your attention.

This shouldn’t happen at all, I mean which woman can tolerate her man looking at other women. If she notices that somebody else catches your attention more than she does, she is bound to leave.

5. You have major trust issues.

strongest women

Being a little possessive is acceptable, but being way too dominant and suspicious of everything she does is really tiresome. If you continue keeping tabs on everything she does, you’re gonna lose her.

6. You both are different worlds.

strongest women

Let’s face it after the honeymoon phase has ended, the true nature of both in the relationship begins to reveal. If you too have two different ideas, and priorities then she might step away.

7. You’re way too immature.

strongest women

Acting like a child on certain occasions is definitely cute and attractive, but no woman wants a boy who is still way too immature for his age.

8. You always show negativity around her.

strongest women

If you constantly come in the way of what she loves doing, you’re gonna be on the sideline soon.

9. You can’t stick to your decision.

strongest women

A strong decision making skill is one of the most attractive features of a man. But if you constantly keep on changing your mind about things. You’re sure to lose her someday.

10. Your plans for the future don’t match.

Being a strong independent woman she might have future plans for her career and life, but if your plans don’t seem to match with hers, your relationship might come to an end.

strongest women


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