You Wouldn’t Believe That These Unexpected Pairs Of Celebs Are Related!


You probably don’t even know half of your relatives. I mean, who does right? We’ve probably seen them when we were infants or didn’t know till ages after that they are related to each other. The same rule applies to our favorite celebs, you wouldn’t believe me if I tell you that these unexpected pairs of celebs are related to each other!

These unexpected pairs of celebrities are related to each other, you’ll be shocked too!

1. Emily Deschanel and Zooey Deschanel are sisters, don’t really resemble each other, do they?

2. Justin Bieber and Avril Lavigne. Yeah, pretty shocking isn’t it? Well, these two are related through common relatives, they are each other as the 25th cousin.

3. Ellen DeGeneres and Kate Middleton, Ellen and Kate? Well, apparently yes, Ellen and Kate are 15th cousins.

4. Domhnall Gleeson and Brendon Gleeson, remember where you’ve seen these two together? That’s right Harry Potter, the Father-son duo played Mad-Eye Moody and Ron’s Elder brother’s roles respectively.

5. Alfie Allen and Lily Allen, though they don’t distantly look similar at all, these two are siblings.

6. Ron Howard and Bryce Dallas Howard, these are related as father and daughter.

7. Janet Leigh and Jamie Lee Curtis, Janet is, in fact, Jamie’s Lee Curtis’ mother.

8. Jeremy Irons is Max Irons father who is famous for his roles in Red Riding Hood, The Host, The White Queen.
unexpected pairs
9. Thomas Cruise Mapother IV (Tom Cruise for short) and William Mapother are cousins.
unexpected pairs
10. Queen Elizabeth  II and Hilary Duff, yeah, lucky for her, she is the Queen’s 18th cousin.
unexpected pairs
11. Queen Elizabeth II and Beyonce, looks like the Queen has a lot of relatives from the celeb world, Beyonce is her 25th cousin.
unexpected pairs


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