The Sizes Of These Things Will Definitely Make Your Jaw Drop!


What’s in a name they say, but sizes can definitely make your head turn. They can definitely give you a good run for your money and make you wonder how tiny you can be in the face of nature and at times man-made things. Well, if you too are a fan of size, you should definitely have a look at these pictures!

The sizes of these things came as a shock to the people who witnessed them!

1. Whoa! That is really something, this is how tiny you’ll look in comparison to a fully grown salt water crocodile.

2.  If the previous picture didn’t give you a nightmare already, then have a look at this anaconda.

3. This is the largest human baby to be born who weighs 23lbs, the average human baby beside him looks so tiny.

4. Welcome to unrealistic doll bodies, this is how a real 19-year-old girl looks like when compared to a Barbie doll.

5. A human skeleton being compared to the skeleton of a gorilla.

6. Okay, this one is making me sick, that is how big an average Lion’s mane jellyfish is when compared to a human.

7. The Big Mac used to be really big, but its size has been shrinking over the years.

8. The world’s biggest Wombat looks really cute but isn’t cute when really aggressive.

9. Not all are humongous enough to shock you, sometimes tiny things can shock you too. A tiny kitten’s head is no bigger than a bottle cap.

10. That is what $10,000 look like when in $1 bills, and $100 dollar bills.
11. This is how tiny you’ll look in front of an Elephant seal. Yep!
12. Does this look familiar to you? Yep, this is “the-one-ring-to-rule-them-all” ring from The Lord Of The Rings. This prop was used for the closeup shots.
13. This is how a human hand looks in comparison to Bear Claws.
14. Visual representation of a huge door when compared to an average sized human.
15. Scared enough? A blue whale when compared to a big ship.


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