The Most Evil Villains Who Created History By Living Life King Size!


9. H. H. Holmes

No Sherlock Holmes and H. H. Holmes are not related, (or maybe that’s just me!) since one was a private detective and the other was a first ever documented serial killer. What makes H. H. Holmes an exception is in the history of villains he was the only one who was not a dictator. But obviously, he was famous for one thing that haunts us all, Serial Killing. Holmes had a rough upbringing as his father was abusive. He grew up into a hardworking man who earned a lot of money. Holmes owned several stores, as well as a hotel where most of his victims met their fate. But of course, that didn’t stop him from becoming a millionaire and living a lavish lifestyle. His net worth is $5 million

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10. Nicholas II

Show me the money! His net worth is $300 billion. But how did he achieve this money? Answer’s simple, he was a Czar and like all he believed in living a life so lavishly that others would look up to for an example, that of course at the expense of making the poor, poorer. Nicholas II was not a good leader and didn’t even want to lead people in the first place. He simply liked the benefits and luxuries that came in being a Czar, even if it was at the expense of keeping millions of people in poverty and despair.

richest villains in history

11. Pablo Escobar

Pablo Escobar or more aptly the “Colombian drug lord”, was one of the big drug traffickers in history. Often called “The King of Cocaine”, he was the wealthiest criminal in history, with an estimated known net worth of $54 billion making him one of the richest men in the world at his prime.

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