Famous Beauty Products Looked Completely Different 100 Years Ago!


Beauty products have always been the love of the ladies, this isn’t something new. But, these famous products weren’t always so handy and ready to use. You’ll be shocked to see the most common products that you probably use daily be so different a hundred years ago than what they look now.

These beauty products looked so different a hundred years ago that you’ll have a hard time figuring out what they are used for!

1. This is how plastic surgery looked like in the 1930s and now, it has become more efficient and easy.

2. Don’t be alarmed, this is exactly how rejuvenation would be carried out in the 1900s. Thank God for modern technology that you don’t have to wear weird masks anymore.


3. Remember Charlie and the chocolate factory? Well, this is how braces looked back then, much scarier and uncomfortable than how it looks right now!

4. Looks really beautiful and innovative, this is how lipsticks have developed through the century.

5. Yep, you guessed it right, these beautiful ladies are getting spray tanned.


6. Unclogging your pores and getting rid of blackheads wasn’t as easy as it seems today. It was definitely a tedious and time-consuming process!

7. Yep, they literally ironed your hair to straighten it back then. But, now we have straighteners to get the job done!
beauty products
8. Want a nice tan? Sit in front of a really big lamp. Well, save the pain cause you’re in 2019 with indoor tan beds!
beauty products
9. Looks like removing cellulite was indefinitely an exercise back in the days! Well, now you can relax at home and get rid of it.
beauty products
10. Omg! She looks like Medusa with all that curling machinery around her. It a relief that one doesn’t have to go through so much pain for curls!
beauty products
11. Getting your hair dyed? Welcome to the 1900s!
beauty products
12. I’m sure nobody steps out of the house before using the hairdryer. Well, that wasn’t much of a choice back in the 1900s.
beauty products


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