Find Out When These Famous Things Were First Invented!


Inventions have really made our lives much easier, it has saved our efforts and multiplied the product values by hundreds. Well, how much do you know about these inventions? Some which are a part of our daily lives, honestly none of us know when these things were first invented. So, read on to find out when were these famous things first invented!

Here are some of the famous things that were invented for the first time, you’ll be shocked to see some of them on the list!

1. Artificial heart.

Looks fascinating, doesn’t it? Well, this was first invented by Abiocor in 2015 and was tested on 15 patients. They have halted its development process for the time being.
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2. McDonald’s Joint.

Who doesn’t love a good McDonald’s cheeseburger? Well, did you know that this was first a barbeque joint and the owners late decided to sell potato chips, cola, and french fries which turned this into a burger joint later.famous things3. Apple Computer.

Developed by Steve Wozniak and presented by Steve Jobs in 1976. Looks like a mere toy in front of today’s Apple computers and technology, doesn’t it?
famous things4. The first woman to wear a bikini.

Though the bikini was named after Bikini Atoll who designed the first bikini, it had to be tested to know whether this was gonna work or not. Well, this dancer decided to go in for the test in 1946.
famous things5. Cellphone.

Nobody can imagine surviving without cellphones these days. But do you know when was this first invented? Well, cellphones first came into existence in 1973 and weighed more than 1kg.
6. Paintings.

This might come as a shock to you since paintings date back to thousands of years before. But the first painting to be named in world history was Cafe Terrace at Night is 1888.
7. The first woman to ride a motorcycle.

Sally Halterman, the first licensed motorcycle rider in 1937. Looks great riding the motorcycle doesn’t she?

8. Car.

All you car lovers, do you know when was the first car invented? Well, you’re looking at the first car that was invented in 1896 by Henry Ford.
9. The First Robot.

Seems like every other engineering guy can make one these days. But the first robot, Cygan, built in 1957. It has earned the name of being the Universal Robot.
10. Selfie!

Selfies are extremely popular these days, you’ll see every other guy/girl clicking a selfie and still remains as one of the most famous things. But the first selfie was invented in 1839.


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