FIVE Annoying Things People Do After The BreakUp!


What to do after a breakup or things people do after the breakup?

Well, we don’t have an answer for this, but here are few annoying things people do after the breakup and they really suck!

Well, it seems like this is the season of heartbreaks. So, this is my tribute to the friends of those broken ones so that they stay strong and handle all the annoying things they do:

1. The Shahid Afridi Effect

Breakups are not easy but the on and off phase like Shahid Afridi’s Retirement is annoying. Break up means ‘It’s Over’ and some people just don’t understand.

 Things People Do After the BreakUp

2. “Wo Pani Peeti Thi”

It is understandable that memories are for a lifetime. But if even drinking water reminds them of their ex, dude there is a serious problem.

 Things People Do After Break Up


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