Funniest Deaths From The History Of Mankind That Are Difficult To Believe


Death knocks at your door without notices. Nothing often goes by the plan. Hence, to reduce your stress by a little here is a list of the funniest deaths mankind has ever seen.

1. Thomas Urquhart dies out of laughter


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Heard about a person who laughs so much that he lost his social life? Or a guy who lost his wife? Here is an out of the world case. Thomas Urquhart laughed so much that death came to him.

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He found the fact that of the accession of Charles II to the English throne to be the funniest incident of mankind.

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2. Gareth Jonesfunniest deaths mankindvia

The world loves the actors who get into the role they are supposed to play. But here, this actor crossed the limits which no other actor of mankind would ever do. Instead of acting of being hit by a heart attack, he actually got hit by a heart attack and became the victim of death.

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The director might have loved the so called acting at that time. The live television play went on to be one of the funniest incidents of death.

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3. Hans Steininger

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All men have an obsession with their beard, but this guy went too forward with it. He had one of the longest beards anyone had in mankind. He faced death by tripping over his own beard.

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Hans was a proud owner of a 4.5 feet long beard. He would have never even thought his beard would lead to one of the funniest deaths.

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4. James Betts

Let’s begin by saying that love lead to his death. In order to hide from his girlfriend’s father he hide himself in her cupboard. And los his life due to lost of oxygen.

5. Death by a poop sponge

Usually, mankind has regarded gladiators to be heroes. The majority of them were criminals and prisoners of war. They were often sentenced to fight as a form of capital punishment. The best that these guys could hope for was a merciful death. When they did not get the opportunities for a great death, some made them by themselves.

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So this one next on the list of facing the funniest deaths was preparing for his daily routine of being stabbed. Before it, he pretended to go to pee in order to choke himself to death using a sponge that was also used to wipe people’s asses. We don’t want to glamorise this sort of thing, but that’s dedication and a whole new way of thinking about how to tell people to eat shit and die.

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But however, taking the list of funniest deaths to a next level are the 29 prisoners who strangled each other in their cell before the next day’s fight.

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6. Geoffery Haywood 

Geoffery lost his life while he was acting to be blind in order to beg. Eventually, he actually did not see a pit and faced death by falling into it.


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