15 Awesome & Mesmerising Fidget Spinners Videos That Are So Satisfying!


The fidget spinners craze is so hot right now and things are getting out of control. Kids and adults are going crazy over this three-pronged gadget. Although these fidget spinners were invented in the 90’s but it became popular in 2017. It reminds us the craze of Pokemon Go that exactly happened a year ago.

fidget spinners

Teens are going crazy, teachers are pissed and some claim that these spinners help people to focus and kill anxiety. It also helps in relaxing your mood but not everyone likes this spinner toy with blades that spin around a bearing. It can either be mesmerizing or irritating, it depends or your personal taste.

Do you like fidget spinners? Then take a look at these videos that look mesmerizing.

1. Cool blades

2. Playstation spinners 

3. So, are you gonna try this spin thing ever?


4. Looks beautiful! 


5. Try this when you are high :p 

6. Pennies spinner 


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