Funny Max And Caroline Moments From 2 Broke Girls. 


7. Han Sings For Dangerous Gamblers. 

Max Caroline


Han owes money to some gamblers after losing to them in a female tennis gambling game. He goes up to their bar to ask for some more time to come up with the money and he gets one song worth time. His painful singing moves the girls and they decide to pay up for him in return for the diner.

8. Hot Hot Food. 

Max Carolinevia

Oleg is the creepy cook who is always trying to get laid. He continuously pursues the girls and uses creepy pickup lines on them one being ”Hot food from a hot man.”

9. Oh No Judy Is Choking On Something. 

Max Carolinevia 

Han gets a CPR doll to teach his staff CPR. He acts up a scenario in which the doll is a customer who is choking. He exclaims ” Judy is choking on something! ” Right then Oleg pops and says ” I’d just back up a few inches if I were you. ” 


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