Funny Max And Caroline Moments From 2 Broke Girls. 


2 Broke Girls is a sitcom about 2 roommates Caroline and Max, who have a dream to make it big in their lives but have a hard time making ends meet because they are totally broke. Here are some instances from the show that will make you want to laugh out loud.

Here are some instances of Max and Caroline from the show that will make you want to laugh out loud.

Max Caroline



Max Carolinevia

Max and Caroline go out to hire a stripper to pose as their boss Han’s girlfriend. Once inside the stripper tells them that she’s on camera so she has to dance for someone. Caroline decides to be cool but Max whoops ”YEAH GIRL WORK THAT!” in a crass manner cheering the stripper on.

2. The Millionaire Who Lives In A Dumpster. 

Max Carolinevia

Max had her share of crazy boyfriends. One of them was Deke who despite having a family fortune lived in a dumpster. Although it was no ordinary dumpster, it had solar panels, openable roof and a toilet seat next to an oven among other crazy things.

3. Killer Wedding Dress. 

Max Carolinevia

Earl, the cashier from the shows diner had a brush of death from Sophie’s wedding dress while walking her down the aisle on her wedding. The dress was so big that he got burried under it only to be helped out by a person standing close. ”I thought I was a goner” he exclaimed after being helped up. 


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