Funny Max And Caroline Moments From 2 Broke Girls. 


4. Baby You Take It. 

Max Caroline


Max and Caroline can’t get any sleep due to Sophie’s weird roleplay games with Oleg upstairs. Things get weirder when a bowling ball crashes through the roof making a hole in their ceiling.

5. Sophie’s Delivery With A Sneeze. 

Max Carolinevia

The loudest person in the whole show had the most bizarre and easy labour. After being  made to wait in the hallway outside her booked suite, she finally gets inside and delivers her daughter with just a sneeze.
6.Max Becomes A Fake Bride. 

Max Carolinevia

In an episode with guest star Lindsay Lohan. Max takes the place of Lindsay as the bride as the latter refused to walk the aisle just do that Caroline could get the cheque for the wedding cake from the organiser. 


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