How To Get Over That Creepy Ex Of Yours. A Guide To Moving On!


Love is the most embraced and rejoiced feeling of the world. But it really hurts bad when the one you’d dreamt of spending your whole life with turns their back on you. Many a time, things turn out to be something other than what you had planned but that’s just a part of life, right? Bad things do happen but life does go on. What’s important is to get over that creepy ex of yours because what’s gone is gone.

There are some ways which would tell you how you can get over your ex and move on to a better, happier life.

1. Change your text and ringtone.

Humans are extremely associated with sound, smells and sights. If you do not change the ringtone, they’d be on your mind every time you receive a call or a text from someone. That would make it harder. So, go ahead. Change your ringtone and text tone to get over that creepy ex of yours.

get over creepy ex

2. Throw their gifts or belongings away.

Take a box, put their unnecessary stuffs and gifts and throw it away. It won’t be very nice if you keep bumping into their stuffs every now and then. So, just do some charity and throw them away.


3. Go out.

People usually prefer staying inside their homes and refuse to go out immediately after their breakups but that’s the worst someone could do to themselves. The fresh air actually helps calming you down and relaxing you. Go on a walk alone to a park or somewhere you want to, it’s ought to make you feel way better.

Running girl in the green park.


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