High School Stories So Embarrassing That You’d Go ROFL!


Students make a lot of memories during their high school days. But, not all high school stories are sweet. Some high school stories can be horribly embarassing as well. This post is based on Reddit answers of people on embarassing high school stories.

Have a look at the funniest collection of embarrassing high school stories!

1/12. “We were in the middle of taking a test in class, dead silent ’cause we were in the middle of itI started coughing and then all of a sudden I farted because I was coughing. Everyone looked over at me and laughed.”

Kevin, student.


2/12.  “It was the first day of classes and I had decided to long board to school. Once I had saw her it was as if the clouds had parted and the sun rays were shining over that one specific girl; she was just so gorgeous…I was going over a nifty trick in my head, when my board collided with a light post and I went flying onto the ground. It was very graceful.”

-Nate, student.


3/12. “I’ve spilled wine on essays and tried to pass it off as grape juice. The 10th graders of course knew better. When I taught in grade school I had a hickey and tried to pass it off as a scratch from a cat. The fifth graders knew what was going on then too.”

 -Cam; History professor



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