Gifted Artists Who Are Actually Quite Bad At One Thing.

Nobody is perfect, each and everyone on this planet had had at least one flaw and the same goes for our beloved entertainers. Here are twelve such gifted artists who are at bad at least one thing which is relevant to their field of expertise in one way or the other.
1. Lorde.
Gifted artists bad
Lorde is one of the youngest and most gifted artists in the music industry who shot to fame with her debut song Royals. However she can only perform while standing still. You could say that’s she’s a little bad at stage presence.
2. Matthew McConaughey.
Matthew is arguably one of the most gifted artists Hollywood has to offer who has graced the big screen with mind-blowing movies like Interstellar. One thing he falls short at is his Southern accent which he can’t get rid of. It comes up in his speech in almost all of his roles.
3. Jim Carrey. 
Jim Carrey is good at comedy. He can even act well but the one thing he’s very bad at is crying. He just can’t nail it!
4. Sarah Michele Gellar. 
Everyone remembers the actress who played the role of Buffy in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. And everyone who has seen her in action can confirm that she’s a gifted artist. However, what she’s really bad at is laughing! It looks very fake when she laughs on screen.
5. Daniel Craig.
Daniel Craig is an incredibly gifted actor who is bad at only one thing which is comedy. It’s because he looks too intense for a comedy role and his humour comes off as unnatural.
6. Arnold Schwarzenegger. 
We admit that the whole Terminator series with Arnold would have been meaningless but what Arnold could really do without is his really awkward half moaned scream.
7. Colin Firth. 
An outstanding British actor, Colin can do almost anything flawlessly, except an American accent. A Southern-American is even worse for him.
8. Harrison Ford. 
This veteran Hollywood personality, Harrison Ford , has breathed life into many movie franchises such as the Star Wars and Indiana Jones series. The one thing he’s not great at is being angry. He always resorts to pointing his finger at the guy he’s mad at which if once noticed becomes quite comical.
9. Christina Aguilera. 
The gifted artist who had judged many seasons of The Voice had an incredible voice until she sings in high pitch. Then it sounds like she’s straight up yelling.
10. Seth MacFarlane. 
Seth is amazing at voice-overs. He’s breathed life into characters like Peter Griffin from Family Guy and many more. But when it comes to living action scenes, Seth becomes too self-aware and loses his sparkle.
11. Will Smith. 
Will Smith can never be a good villain. Maybe it’s because he’s always played the good guy or an anti-hero. His portrayal of the devil in Winter’s Tale was super awkward.
12. Kristen Bell. 
Kristen is a great comedic actress, however, what she’s not good at is making direct eye contact while shooting scenes. She keeps looking at either eye back and forth which ruins the scene.


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