Famous Celebrity Marriages That Didn’t Last Long.


We often want to see our favorite celebrity pairs end up together for life. And sometimes it does come true as well, but, some celebrity marriages are not meant to last and some didn’t even make it past a week. Well, these marriages may not have lasted for long, but it sure does reside in the memories of the fans.

These famous celebrity marriages didn’t even make past a year and we are sad that some of them didn’t work out despite their on-screen chemistry!

1. Mario Lopez and Ali Andry had been dating for six years before they tied the knot. But, soon after the marriage ceremonies were over he revealed that he had cheated on her and the marriage ended after struggling for two weeks.

2. Britney Spears and Jason Alexander had been childhood friends and one fine evening they decided to get hitched in Las Vegas. But, like all Las Vegas marriages, this too ended up in an annulment just after 55 hours of saying “I do.”

3. Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock, like all models, Pamela too was attracted to the famous Rockstar, the two were dating for 5 years before they decided to get married in 2006, but only after 4 months of being together the couple parted their ways.

4. Cher and Greg Allman, after parting with former husband Cher married this rockstar, but soon after the marriage regret set in almost too quickly. This lasted only for 9 days.

5. Carmen Electra and Dennis Rodman are other names in the list whose marriages didn’t last. Rodman said that he was under the influence when he said yes to be wed and filed for an annulment.

6. Tom Green and Drew Barrymore called it quits soon after getting hitched. But, to everyone’s surprise, these two didn’t have bad blood between them and still remain as good friends.

7. Chad Michael Murray Sophie Bush, the couple that everybody loved. The two fell in love on the sets of One Tree Hill, but the marriage didn’t last long.

8. Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Esposito, well he might be really charming but Bradley Cooper wasn’t really a husband material when his career was just starting to take shape.
celebrity marriages
9. Chris Humpries and Kim Kardashian, nobody could ever forget this marriage and the split. Some say that this was all a publicity stunt, some say that the couple had really bad blood between them.
celebrity marriages
10. Lisa Marie Presley and Nicolas Cage, their marriage and split stills remain no less than a mystery to the world. The famous musician Elvis Presley’s daughter was married to Nicolas on her father’s death anniversary. But, why did they decide to split, that still remains unclear?
celebrity marriages

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