Bride Gives A Shock To Her Groom Wearing A T-Rex Costume On Wedding Day


Positive people usually share their positive energy with their close ones. So, nowadays we can see every kind of surprises for different kinds of events. But, I bet you have never seen a bride in a T-Rex costume.

On 5th November 2016, North Carolina witnessed a creative “pre-ceremony” by a Chicago couple.

Beth as T-Rex


Elizabeth Rex Hundley has decided to decorate their wedding day with a prank on her future husband. Groom, Tom Gardner, wasn’t aware of what was waiting for him. Surely, he was waiting for the moment to see his future wife in a beautiful white wedding dress. But, while his back was turned, Elizabeth was approaching him with a T-Rex costume.

T-Rex approaching


When he saw her the reaction on his face was priceless. He burst out laughing.

Tom's laughter after seeing his bride



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