Unbelievable Twist To Corny American Photos By Weronika Gesicka Which Makes Them Look Surreal!


The cheesy postcard-like pictures and the corny American photos which used to dominate the magazines of United States back in the years of 1950s and 1960s have got a unique twist by polish artist Weronika Gesicka. Weronika Gesicka is a polish visual artist, but her main field of activity is photography. She is a graduate of the department of Graphics of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. Weronika Gesicka is interested in the mnemonics, scientific theories, pseudoscientific theories, and various disorders concerning it. As a matter of fact, she also has a deep curiosity towards the process of forgetting and memorizing.

Polish artists aren’t strangers to surreal. Check out the below pictures which represent a darker side of the modern society.

Thanks to the amazing work of photographer Weronika Gesicka who gave a different look to the “corny American photos”

#1 A Happy Couple!

Weronika Gesicka

Image Source

Weronika Gesicka has a deep love to create artifacts and objects. She often collaborates with artists and different craftsmen.Working with archive materials from various sources is a very important part of her work.

#2 A Family Picture!
Weronika Gesicka

Image Source

She works on everything, from images found on the web, police archives, to old press photography. Her one of the latest projects, Traces, is all about past existence of people, moments and situations.

#3 A Man While Interacting With His Wife!
Weronika Gesicka

Image Source

The project is based on vintage pictures and the pictures were purchased from an image bank. 


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