Can You Guess The Real Age Of These Women? We Bet That You Can’t. 


Men are often told that it’s rude to ask a women her age but I’m pretty sure that these ladies won’t mind. In-fact, they’ll tell you their age themselves and wait for your stupefied reaction.

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1. Sharon Xu. 35.

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At first glance this Chinese actress might look like a teenager but looks can be disceptive; Xu is actually touching her 40s! She claims that she owes her ageless beauty to a healthy lifestyle and lots of vegetables.

2. Luren Hsu. 42.

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It looks like the Hsu family is blessed with ageless women. Luren is Sharon’s sister and just like her, she just doesn’t age! These women are incredible!

3. Liu Yelin. 50. 

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No I’m not lying. This librarian from China looks so young that people often mistake her for her son’s girlfriend. Awkward right? She deadlifts and swims to maintain herself and also applies as little makeup as possible.

4. Ernestine Shepard. 80+

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She’s the world’s oldest female body builder. What’s interesting about her is that she started training at the age of 50. Thirty years later, she became one of the most incredible woman on earth. Ernestine does not take supplements, runs about 130 km a week, and goes to the gym regularly. She consumes about 1,700 calories a day, mostly boiled egg whites, chicken, and vegetables.

5. Masako Mizutani. 49. 

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A former model and a mother of two, Masako is known as the Eternal Youth Lady in Japan. Presently a blogger, she spends a whopping 5 hours a day on skin care.

6. Wendy Ida. 64. 

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Wendy is the living example of one thing which is that it’s never too late for anyone, especially women. She used to have a bad job and excessive weight among other things. She turned her life around and after she hit 40 and became the most famous fitness guru in USA.

7. Jennifer Tilly. 58.

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Jennifer is a Hollywood actress. Her most notable work is voicing Chuck’s girlfriend in the Chucky series. She is completely laid-back about her age and jokes that her secret is using photo filters. It’s quite hard to believe that she is touching 60!

8. Zaklina. 47.

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Ever seen a grandma as cool as her? This 47 year old from Serbia has a body that will give most 20 year olds a run for their money. She also happens to be the grandmother of two kids. Pretty cool right?

9. Candy Lo. 42. 

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A mother of three, Candy is a model and singer from Hong Kong. She says her ageless features are hereditary and leading a healthy lifestyle helps her maintain it. These women are really incredible!

10. Christie Brinkley. 63. 

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An American model who has been in the industry since the 70s. Christie is really an ageless fairy. The fact that she’s in her 60s is just incredible! She observes a meat free diet and drinks red wine for dinner. She also takes part in extreme sports and does yoga regularly.

11. Risa Hirako. 46.

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Asian women simply don’t age. Risa is a Japanese model and singer who just doesn’t look like a woman who’s touching 50.

12. Kimberly Horan. 45.

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Even Australian women aren’t far behind. Kimberly, who is a stylist and writer looks 20 years younger even after her pregnancy.


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