OMG , Is This What Happens To The Poop We Flush In Airplanes?


Have you ever imagined what happens to the waste we flush in airplanes? We will tell you what.We have never been to any place that is less than airplane bathroom.

How air plane poop is flushed


It’s tight, it’s choked, it’s uncomfortable, and what not? Think about the people suffering from claustrophobia, traveling for a long duration flight. But then when you have to poop , you can’t do anything else but poop.

airplane poop being cleaned

There is a blue colored chemical deodorizer that is stored in airplanes that get mixed up with all your poo and pee. On many occasions this got leaked out of the plane got froze on the exterior and got melted as the plane got down on lower altitude for landing. This was long back as it was quite harmful.

chemical used to clean airplane poop



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