OMG , Is This What Happens To The Poop We Flush In Airplanes?


Water is not a good option to flush there so when we flush the toilet, it opens a valve; this valve sucks waste into a Teflon-coated bowl.

airplane poop being clesaned


The system pulls your poop away at the speed of a race car, delivering it to a large holding tank. These tanks have to be emptied till the plane takes off again.

airplane poop falling from sky


It sure is a dirty job, but it has a truck with a hose for it named “honey truck”. This name is sarcasm at its best. This poop is already off the plane, even before you are ready to get down off the flight.

employee who cleans airplane poop


The guys who clean this poop have real guts cleaning this but still there have been incidents in which people have been injured because of poop ice fell from the sky from one of the airplanes.


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